Do you know that when you get visitors and realize that your home is a pure battlefield? I am convinced that within this panicked half an hour (including a short panic attack because the visit is already on the way), in which we are tidying up, we can do more than spread out over the entire month. Quickly throw the toys in the closet, switch on the dishwasher, clean the toilets, light a few candles – voila! It no longer looks like a herd of wild animals live here! Most of the time, in the quick cleaning campaign, we stuff all the things from the categories “I don’t want to deal with that” and “We definitely don’t want to show anyone” into a room and close the door. This room remains tightly closed for now. Don’t we often do exactly the same thing in our lives? We come to church on Sundays with our Sunday smiles, everything seems to be fine with us and we only post the selfies and moments on social media that we like to share and that others like. But we leave the chaos in a hidden room so that nobody can see it. We don’t let anyone in there, not even Jesus. We pretend we can hide it from Him. It reminds me of how Adam and Eve tried to hide from God in paradise.

The moment Adam and Eve took a bite from the apple, they realized that they were naked – shame entered their lives. Shame always tells us to hide. Shame leads us into isolation and hidden. The darkness, the hidden, is often the place where the devil pushes us into a corner and tries to exert pressure. We have to shed light on it! Then we’ll see the shadows disappear and the devil’s harassment subsides. We have to stop hiding the mistakes of our past and the struggles we are fighting right now. Then we can receive the freedom and healing that God has prepared for us.

Before we can let ourselves be released from the truth, we have to recognize which lies hold us captive. Find the root of the lies, find the moment when the lie came into your life and let your Heavenly Papa guide you back to this point and ask you “Who told you that?” Identify the voice, the lies in yours Life spread. We don’t want to base our lives on the devil’s lies, but on what Heavenly Father says about and to us. We want him to lead us to the way, to the truth and to life, to Jesus (John 14: 6).

To be more specific, let’s talk about our struggles in the area of ​​sexuality – whether it’s unhealthy mental ties, a pornography addiction, flashbacks of traumatic experiences and mistreatment, the inability to recognize our value or to despise our body or something entirely other … it is important to let God show us the root of these struggles. We have to recognize what is the origin of these lies and what has brought them into our lives. When did these lies first appear? What triggered these lies? We are often not responsible for how it started, but we are responsible for how it ends. With God’s love, the power of the cross, and a relationship with the Holy Spirit, we can rewrite our history, we can change its course and turn it to a happy ending.

Your future is not determined by your past.

Ask yourself the following today: “Does my past keep me from developing my full potential in the present?” If your answer is a resounding “YES!” Start the process today of letting Jesus into this area. If your answer is a “Mhh … yes, maybe”, well – start right there. Be meek and loving with yourself, ask the Holy Spirit for his help. Ask him to show you where to start. We do not have to let our present be determined by past hurts and experiences. The dark room in which we try to hide everything does not help in the long run and does not speak for a healthy handling of the topic. Let light in there – you won’t regret it!

If this topic appeals to you and you want to know more about it, you can definitely look forward to the continuation of this blog called “The process is part of the promise”. This blog can be helpful if you are unsure about what to do next or preparing to tackle this process.

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